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Quick sketch of my boss


The beautiful sculpture over the door of my work :)

Trying new styles :)

Thunasee from Gumihorn… the spring is here!!!

Sometimes I miss living in Andalusia and the light there. Small town I visited called Sedella

Hey, back after some relax time :).

And… I got myself a graphic table to draw directly in the computer :D, it’s awesome!! Here is one of the first drawings I’ve done: a friend from the University. I’ll be posting more of them soon.

Today I was supposse to work but somebody put a whiteboard in the University. How am I supposse to ressist the temptation to draw? :/

Sunset over Le Valley du Sion

Una tonada que fuera toda de ti, un sentimiento que abarque todos mis mares, una caricia tuya que despierte todas mis ganas. Una tonada de tus labios que me haga existir.
Miguel A. Amador (Las letras de mi ángel)  (via miguelangelamador)
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